Hebden Bridge Picture House | HEBDEN BRIDGE FILM FESTIVAL 22-24 March 2019 | COMING SOON

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We’re delighted to be a partner to the Hebden Bridge Film Festival, hosting feature films in their programme from Friday 22 to Sunday 24 March 2019. The weekend long festival will be based at the Town Hall Hebden Bridge and here, at the Picture House, where we’ll be hosting 8 brand new feature films, with special guests and Q&A sessions.

With over 500 years of non-conformism in the valley it seems fitting that the Hebden Bridge Film Festival theme for 2019 is “The Other”. HBFF will be celebrating films by or about those who “dare to be different”, whether they exist in the margins, sit outside the mainstream or just plain don’t fit in.

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Here’s a word from HBFF about the festival:

“What is about stories? The need for them is powerful, even primal. We seek them out, again and again. They touch us, disturb us, move us, sometimes soothe us, but whatever – they make us feel.

With HBFF we aim to do just that. We have over 500 years of non-conformist history in the valley so it seems fitting that our theme is “The Other”. We will be championing the stories of those who exist in the margins, sit outside the mainstream or just plain don’t fit in. With the advent of the all too timely #metoo movement it will not surprise many of you to know that statistics for women in film remain shockingly low. According to the BFI, in Britain in 2017, only only 4.5% of all films produced were directed by a woman. And the figures for LGBTQ, working class, BME filmmakers or filmmakers with disabilities also remain very low.

HBFF is proud to be an F – Rated Film Festival. The F Rating is given to any film written by a woman, directed by a woman or featuring women in significant on-screen roles. Any film that meets all three criteria is awarded a Triple F-Rating.

We are committed to BFI Diversity standards and to deliver a program of excellence, featuring international and home grown films, unique events with industry professionals as well as supporting and fostering local talent. And while we can’t be the biggest, most glitzy festival out there we can bring filmmakers and film lovers together in the wonderful community spirit that Hebden is famous for.

We cannot wait to bring you a weekend of exciting new films that will challenge, surprise and delight you. Come join us from March 22-24th 2019.

You’ll be glad you did.”