Date Time
Mon 9th April 7.45pm
Tues 10th April 7.45pm

Dir: Sebastián Lelio | Chile/Germany/Spain | 2017 | 104 mins | Spanish w/English subtitles
Cast: Daniela Vega, Francisco Reyes, Luis Gnecco

The just winner of Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars is Chilean director Sebastián Lelio’s (Gloria) luminous portrait of an isolated woman amid the everyday obstacles of transgender existence. Marina (Daniela Vega), a young Santiago waitress and aspiring singer, is deeply in love with Orlando. But when he suffers an aneurysm, she – by virtue of her gender identity – is treated with suspicion, with everyone from doctors and Orlando’s family to the police seeing not a grieving woman, but an aberration. Unrecognised or repudiated by society and with her way of life under threat, Marina must utilise all of her resources to proceed.

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