Date Time
Sun 6th July 7.45pm

Dir: Vittorio de Sica | 1948 | Italy | 85 mins | Italian w/Eng ST
Cast | Lamberto Maggiorani, Enzo Staiola, Lianella Carell, Vittorio Antonucci

Vittorio de Sica’s neo-realist masterpiece, portraying the everyday life of the working class in postwar Italy, is a true classic. Poverty-stricken Antonio (Maggiorani) is thrilled to get a job putting up film posters, but then his bicycle – essential for the job – is stolen, and he goes on a desperate quest through Rome with his young son Bruno (Staiola) to get it back; causing uproar and witnessing similar scenes of poverty wherever they go. It’s a deeply humanist study, of just one man but by extension, all of Italian society – trying to maintain dignity under duress. Unforgettable.

“One of the greatest cinematic experiences ever” ***** David Parkinson, Empire
“A brilliant, tactlessly real work of art” ***** Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

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