Carnage (15)

This latest work from Roman Polanski (The Pianist, Chinatown) is a razor sharp, black comedy that focuses on parental differences.

After two boys get into a fight on a playground, the parents of the ‘victim’ invite the parents of the ‘bully’ over to their apartment, in order to work out their children’s issues.

A polite discussion of child rearing soon escalates into verbal warfare, with all four parents revealing their true colours.

Featuring pitch-perfect performances from all four actors (special note must go to Waltz); this is a hilarious deconstruction of middle-class politeness.

Date Time
Friday 23rd March 7.45pm
Saturday 24th March 7.45pm
Sunday 25th March 7.45pm
Thursday 29th March 10.30am

Dir. Roman Polanski, France/Germany/Poland/Spain, 2011, 80 mins
Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz, John C. Reilly

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