Date Time
Weds 4th September 7.45pm
Thursday 5th September 10.30am & 7.45pm

Dir. Pascal Bonitzer, France, 2012, 100 mins, subtitles
Kristin Scott Thomas, Jean-Pierre Bacri, Isabelle Carré

Damien (Bacri), a Chinese civilisation professor, lives with his partner, Iva (Kristin Scott Thomas), a stage director, and their son Noe. The couple’s relationship has drifted into routine that has drained it of love. Damien finds himself trapped one day by Iva, who orders him to ask his father, a senior member of the French Council of State, for help in preventing her friend, Zorica (Carre), from being deported. But Damien and his father don’t get on and are barely ever in touch with each other. This dangerous mission throws Damien into a spiral that will turn his life upside down. A bittersweet ‘comedie de moeurs’, this film is French in spirit but universal in appeal.

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