NOAH * (12A)

Date Time
Sun 11th May 4.15pm**
Mon 12th May 7.45pm
Tues 13th May 7.45pm

Dir. Darren Aronofsky, USA, 2014, 138 mins
Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connolly, Emma Watson, Anthony Hopkins, Ray Winstone

‘The world after the fall from Paradise is corrupt, wicked and in decline, held in thrall by Tubal-cain (Winstone), descendant of the first murderer. But Noah (Crowe), of the righteous line of Seth, receives a vision from the Creator: the world will be cleansed and all its creatures – mankind aside – must be saved. Inventive, ambitious, brutal and beautiful: a potent mythological epic. But also wilfully challenging…if only more blockbusters were like this.’ – Dan Jolin, Empire ****

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  • - Soft Subtitled screening

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