OMAR (15)

Date Time
Tues 29th July 7.45pm
Wed 30th July 7.45pm

Dir: Hany Abu-Assad | Palestine | 2013 | 98 mins | Arabic w/Eng ST
Cast | Essam Abu Aabed, Foad Abed-Eihadi, Adel Abu-Lasheen

Omar, the gripping new thriller from Hany Abu-Assad (Paradise Now) is a tense drama about three childhood friends protesting the occupation of Palestine. A young man whose village has been separated down the middle by the infamous wall, Omar lives on one side, with his friends on the other. Each day he scales the 8ft concrete under threat of gunfire to see his childhood sweetheart – who he secretly corresponds with by passing notes in coffee cups – to discuss plans for resistance to the occupation; including a dangerous plan to assassinate a Palestinian guard…

“The frustration of young men trapped in conflict between Israel and Palestine bursts out in this cleverly plotted action thriller” **** Steve Rose, The Guardian

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