Date Time
Fri 18th January 7.45pm
Sat 19th January 7.45pm
Sun 20th January 7.45pm

Dir. Martin McDonagh, UK, 2012, 110 mins
Colin Farrell, Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson, Tom Waits

Martin McDonagh’s follow-up to In Bruges takes inspiration from Tarantino and Charlie Kaufman to create a violent, self-referential and hilarious black-comedy. Marty (Farrell) is a struggling writer who dreams of finishing his screenplay, “Seven Psychopaths”. Billy (Rockwell) is Marty’s best friend, an unemployed actor and part time dog thief, who wants to help Marty by any means necessary. When Billy and his partner in crime, Hans (Walken) steal the dog of local gangster Charlie (Harrelson) Marty gets all the inspiration he needs from the events that transpire…he just has to live to tell the tale.

‘Enormously entertaining, endlessly quotable, perfectly cast and packed full of the richest acting you’ll see all year’ – Kim Newman, Empire ****

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