Date Time
Sun 2nd September 7.45pm
Mon 3rd September 7.45pm
Tues 4th September 7.45pm

Dir. Zal Batmanglij, USA, 2011, 85 mins
Christopher Denham, Nicole Vicius, Brit Marling

Peter (Denham) and Lorna (Vicius), a couple and documentary filmmaking team, infiltrate a mysterious group led by an enigmatic young woman named Maggie (Marling) who claims to come from the future. Intent on exposing her as a charlatan and freeing the followers from her grip, Peter and Lorna start to question their objective and each other and they unravel the secrets of Maggie’s underworld. Written by Brit Marling (Another Earth), this cult sci-fi thriller cements her reputation as one of the industry‚Äôs leading talents.

‘The duo of Marling and Batmanglij have constructed an engrossing mystery, written, acted and directed with considerable skill.’ – David Hughes, Empire ****

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