Date Time
Sun 13th January 8.00pm
Mon 14th January 7.45pm

Dir. Ken Scott, Canada, 2011, 109 mins, subtitles
Patrick Huard, Antoine Bertrand, Julie LeBreton, Igor Ovadis

David Wozniak (Huard) has reached 40 without lumbering himself with a single adult responsibility; he coasts through life as an unreliable delivery man and is a burden to his girlfriend Valerie. But when she announces her surprise pregnancy, David’s past suddenly catches up with him. Unsure he wants to be a father to one child, he discovers that a series of sperm donations he made 20 years earlier mean he’s already the unwitting father of 533 children. Discovering they share a dad, 142 of those sue the fertility clinic to find out just who the elusive “Starbuck” is…

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