Date Time
Sat 6th February 1.30pm
Sun 7th February 1.30pm

Dir: Peter Sohn | USA | 2015 | TBC
Voice cast: Raymond Ochoa, Jack Bright, Anna Paquin, Steve Zahn, Jeffrey Wright

Earth: 65 million years ago. This beautifully realised animation from Pixar, envisions an altered past: in which Earth was never hit by an asteroid, and dinosaurs never became extinct. In this ‘what-if’ scenario we meet young Apatosaurus Arlo, who – after a tragic accident, and finding himself stranded miles away from his family in the Clawed-Tooth Mountains – teams up with the distinctly canine, but human, caveboy Spot (Jack Bright) to survive the frontier-like wilderness. With a quality ensemble voice cast including Anna Paquin and Sam Elliott (as T-Rexes) it’s another joyfully imaginative and entertaining story from Pixar.

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