Date Time
Fri 14th June 7.45pm
Sat 15th June 7.45pm
Sun 16th June 4.00pm** & 7.45pm
Mon 17th June 7.45pm
Tues 18th June 10.30am P&B
Thurs 20th June 10.30am & 7.45pm

Dir. Baz Lurhmann, Australia/USA, 2013, 143 mins
Leonardo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, Toby Maguire, Joel Edgerton, Isla Fisher

Baz Luhrmann (Romeo & Juliet, Moulin Rouge) adapts F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel of American literature, which follows would-be writer Nick Carraway (Maguire) as he leaves the Midwest and comes to New York City in the spring of 1922. Chasing his own American Dream, Nick lands across the bay from his cousin, Daisy (Mulligan), and next door to the mysterious, party-giving millionaire, Jay Gatsby (DiCaprio). As Nick bears witness, within and without of the world he inhabits, he pens a tale of impossible love, incorruptible dreams and tragedy, and holds a mirror
to our own modern times and struggles.

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