Date Time
Sat 17th May 1.30pm
Sun 18th May 1.30pm

Dir. Paul Grimault, France, 1980, 83 mins
English language version

‘Widely considered one of the best animated features of all time, and certainly a masterpiece of French animation, The King & The Mockingbird is adapted from a fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson about a tyrannical King ruling over the kingdom of Takicardia. Viewed with fear by his subjects, it’s only the spirited, brightly feathered Mr Bird who, from his nest near the King’s secret chambers in his gigantic palace, dares to make fun of him. The King is in love with a beautiful shepherdess in a painting on his wall, but she is in love with a chimneysweep from another artwork. At night the paintings come to life, and together they attempt to flee. Hiding at the top of the palace, they help Mr Bird who’s become caught up in one of the King’s cruel traps, before leading the police on a wild chase…’ – Independent Cinema Office

“If I had not seen this film, I would have never imagined entering the world of animation”
Isao Takahata, Studio Ghibli

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