Date Time
Thurs 17th August 7.00pm

Dir: Ermanno Olmi | Italy | 1978 | 186 mins | Italian with English subtitles
Cast: Luigi Ornaghi, Francesca Moriggi, Omar Brignoli, Antonio Ferrari, Teresa Brescianini

Ermanno Olmi’s newly restored neorealist masterpiece, for which he won the 1978 Palme d’Or, is surely one of the most magical cinematic experiences you can have. Filmed with a non-professional cast, it follows late 19th century peasants farming in rural Lombardy. To make ends meet, they compete against each other even as they live side by side; sowing seed and harvesting, feeding and slaughtering animals; marking births and weddings, and enjoying and suffering the small triumphs and tragedies of this small but very meaningful world. Exquisitely shot, redolent of the seasons and performed with the utmost grace and sensitivity, it is an immersive and truly life-enhancing film.

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