Date Time
Weds 30th September 7.45pm

Dir: Crystal Moselle | USA | 2015 | 90 mins

This haunting, astonishing documentary is reminiscent of Capturing the Friedmans in its portrait of familial dysfunction. The six Angulo brothers live locked in a Lower East Side apartment because their parents feel the world beyond is unsafe; their isolation resulting not only in an intense family dynamic, but in an all-consuming obsession with film. Creative and imaginative, they make endless lists of their favourites, stage scene recreations and memorise dialogue. When they finally taste freedom, the expectations of the world don’t always translate to reality; but they are nevertheless determined to escape the prison of their apartment and leave their inner worlds for the real one.

“Not since Grey Gardens has a film invited us into such a strange, barely-functioning home and allowed us to gawk without reservation.” ***** Jordan Hoffman, Guardian

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