Date Time
Sat 14th June 1.30pm
Sun 15th June 1.30pm

Dir. Robert Zemeckis, USA, 1988, 104 mins
Bob Hoskins, Christoper Lloyd, Joanna Cassidy, Charles Fleischer (voice)

Upon its release in 1988, this blend of animation and live action was rightly hailed as a technical masterpiece. Over 25 years later, it is still visually stunning, but more impressive is the enduring story, characters and wise-cracking script that make it a must-see on the big screen today. When Toontown’s Roger Rabbit is blamed for the murder of studio boss Marvin Acme, private detective Eddie Valiant (Hoskins), reluctantly agrees to clear Roger’s name. As it becomes clear Roger has been framed, Eddie starts to uncover a more sinister plot that could put an end to Toontown for good…

‘Part animation, part film noir, part slapstick comedy…a perfect and purely cinematic experience’ ***** – Ian Freer, Empire

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