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Fri 29th & Sun 1st May
Shot in a single take, Sebastian Schipper’s exhilarating Victoria is a technical marvel. It’s set in late-night Berlin, where Victoria (Laia Costa) and her four best friends meet outside a club. Partying together, we watch as events unfold in real time – but things take a darker turn when they find themselves forced to commit a crime. An incredible, audaciously constructed thriller.

Sat 30th April
Bruce Willis and an Oscar-nominated Brad Pitt star in Terry Gilliam’s zany ‘90s sci-fi. It’s 2035, and a lethal virus has wiped billions across the globe. Convict James Cole (Willis) goes back in time to research the virus but returns 6 years early. Placed in a mental institution, he meets beautiful psychiatrist Kathryn (Madeleine Stowe) and Jeffrey (Pitt), the insane son of a famous scientist.

Sun 1st & Mon 2nd May
A stunning 4K digital restoration of Akira Kurosawa’s (Seven Samurai, Rashômon) Ran, his famous interpretation of King Lear and an undoubted masterpiece. Spectacularly beautiful, with painterly, colour-saturated frames, it was a 10-year labour of love for Kurosawa and reframes Shakespeare’s play as both an historical epic and a bloody, action-packed war film.

Tues 3rd & Thurs 5th May
Shot in just five days in Wales’s Black Mountains, director Jamie Adams’s hilarious, almost entirely improvised relationship comedy completes his ‘Modern Romance Trilogy’ (Benny & Jolene, A Wonderful Christmas Time). Alice Lowe and Dolly Wells play sisters on the run, seeking refuge at a poets’ camping weekend; with TV’s Downton Abbey’s Tom Cullen as the poet who comes between them.

Weds 4th May
This ravishingly beautiful black-and-white film follows the life (and work) of Roma poet Bronislawa Wajs from her birth in 1908: taking in her arranged marriage as a young girl, her life in a gypsy tabor during WWII and forced settlement in communist Poland. Offering a moving insight into a way of life largely swept away by a tumultuous century, it’s mainly performed by non-professional Roma actors.

Fri 6th to Sun 8th & Weds 11th May (& Elevenses 2nd June)

The late Alan Rickman stars alongside Helen Mirren in Gavin Hood’s (Tsotsi) searing new thriller investigating drone warfare. It follows a stern colonel (Mirren), a drone pilot (Aaron Paul), a lieutenant (Rickman) and an agent (Barkhad Abdi) hoping to thwart Kenyan terrorists. It’s an intelligent, thought-provoking and brilliantly performed thriller about perhaps one of the most morally dubious activities of our time.

Sat 7th & Sun 8th May
Ben Affleck (Argo) dons the bat suit alongside Henry Cavill as Superman in Zack Snyder’s (Watchmen, Man of Steel) thrilling Batman v Superman. Metropolis is razed to the ground and Superman has become a controversial figure; so Bruce Wayne decides to right his wrongs. Their rivalry is furious, but as a dark new figure arises – with a power greater than either of theirs – they must team up to defeat it, while the world decides what type of hero it really needs.

Sat 7th May
Screened from a 35mm film print on our 1950s projector. John Schlesinger’s affectionate, witty ‘60s kitchensink comedy stars Tom Courtenay in a bravura performance as an undertaker’s clerk desperate to escape his mundane existence. Constantly fantasizing and making up stories, he earns himself the nickname Billy Liar, but will his dreams ever become reality?

Sun 8th & Mon 9th May
The Palme d’Or-winning Dheepan is a timely story of immigration and the difficulty of crossing geographical and psychological borders. Dheepan flees Sri Lanka for France, claiming asylum with an unknown woman and child. He hopes for a fresh start, but even here there is violence all around; making it inevitable old wounds will be re-opened

Fri 13th to Sun 15th & Thurs 19th May (Thurs Elevenses)
Jeff Nichols’s (Take Shelter) marvellous, mysterious and Spielbergian sci-fi fuses the thrill of the supernatural with the genre delights of a road movie. Roy (Michael Shannon) goes on the run with his young son Alton after discovering the boy possesses otherworldly powers. Inky, atmospheric and lovingly crafted, it also boasts terrific performances from supporting stars Kirsten Dunst, Joel Edgerton and Sam Shepard.

Sat 14th & Sun 15th
Charlize Theron returns as evil queen Ravenna in this glittering prequel to 2012’s Snow White and the Huntsman. Betrayed by her sister, heartbroken Freya (Emily Blunt) retreats to distant kingdom, raising an army of huntsmen to protect her, and teaching them: never fall in love – but then Eric (Chris Hemsworth) and fellow warrior Sara (Jessica Chastain) defy this rule.