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Fri 24th & Thurs 30th June
Tom Hanks stars in Tom Twyker’s Hologram for the King, adapted from Dave Eggers’ novel. Hanks is Alan Clay, a divorced, washed-up businessman trying desperately to reroute his life with an impressive sale in Saudi Arabia; but who, once there, finds things aren’t quite what he expected. Hanks’ stellar, effortlessly likeable performance powers this immensely enjoyable film.

Sat 25th, Sun 26th, Weds 29th & Thurs 30th (Elevenses)
Richard Linklater’s follow-up to 2013’s critically adored Boyhood is a riotous, perceptive and acutely funny step back into 1980s college dorm life. Billed as a “spiritual sequel” to 1993’s Dazed and Confused, it follows a group of freshmen over their first weekend at college: partying hard and chasing girls. A blissfully enjoyable watch from a filmmaker at the height of his abilities.

Sun 26th June
Versus is a humorous, provocative and revealing account of one of Britain’s most celebrated filmmakers, Ken Loach, as he looks back at over fifty years in cinema. Granted exclusive access, director Louise Osmond (Dark Horse) follows Loach on-set as he completes his final feature I, Daniel Blake and reviews the creative peaks, trials and tribulations of a singular, brilliant career.

Mon 27th & Tues 28th June
Ewan McGregor, Damian Lewis, Naomie Harris and Stellan Skarsgård star in Susanna White’s searing spy thriller, scripted by Hossein Amini and based on the original John Le Carré novel. A couple, Perry (McGregor) and Gail (Harris) are on holiday when they become embroiled in a Russian oligarch’s plans to defect – unfortunately placing them uncomfortably between the Russian Mafia and the British Secret Service, neither of whom they can trust.

Mon 25th & Thurs 28th July
Ciro Guerra’s Oscar-nominated Embrace of the Serpent takes a breathtaking journey through the Colombian Amazon, following the interwoven stories of two European explorers; one in the early 1900s, the other 40 years later. Shot in mesmerising monochrome, it’s both a hypnotically beautiful ode to life in the Amazon and an unequivocally affecting critique of the harrowing effects of colonialism. A masterpiece.

Sat 2nd July
This vivid, spirited animation tells the story of Sasha, a young aristocrat growing up in 19th century Russia. She longs for the frozen north, and anguishes over the fate of her grandfather Oloukine, a renowned explorer lost on an Arctic expedition. But her parents don’t approve of her dreams. So Sasha rebels, fleeing home and resolving to find Oloukine… a long way North.

Sat 2nd July
One of the most important films in British cinema, Jack Clayton’s seminal melodrama was nominated for six Oscars and launched his career. Laurence Harvey is Joe, young, working-class and ruthlessly climbing to the top. But when his romantic inclinations coincide with business, he’s forced to make potentially devastating decisions that chime with his ambition, but not with his heart. Presented in 35mm glory via our 50s projector!

Sat 2nd & Thurs 7th July (Thurs Elevenses)

A thrilling, timely biopic of Jesse Owens, the legendary African-American athlete who triumphed at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, winning more medals than anyone else and defying Hitler’s attempt to exploit the Games to promote white racial supremacy. Stephan James is superb as Owens, the young man from Depression-era Cleveland with a revelatory talent, with Jason Sudeikis equally excellent as his coach.

Tues 5th & Weds 6th July

Vincent Lindon gives an intense, rigorous depiction of a man struggling with the confines of working class life in Stéphane Brizé’s The Measure of a Man. He’s Thierry, made redundant from his job and searching for work in contemporary France. A rich and carefully judged film that’s reminiscent of the Dardennes’ brothers’ work; in particular Two Days, One Night.

Fri 8th to Sun 10th & Thurs 14th July (Thurs Elevenses)

Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe make a perfect odd-couple in this hilarious, offbeat bromance by Shane Black, director of cult hit Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Set in 1970s L.A., it sees a down-on-his-luck private eye (Gosling) and a hired enforcer (Crowe) forced to work together to solve the case of a missing girl.

Sat 9th & Sun 10th & Tues 12th July (Tues Parent & Baby)
Enter Wonderland again with James Bobin’s Alice Through the Looking Glass, a spectacular new adventure sequel to Tim Burton’s 2010 Alice in Wonderland. Alice returns to the whimsical magical world of her idiosyncratic and magical friends – including The Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) and The Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter) – and meets new characters including half-clockwork, half-human Time (Sacha Baron Cohen)

Sat 9th July
Sidney Poitier gives one of his most acclaimed performances in Norman Jewison’s potent 60s thriller, set against the racial tensions of the deep South. He’s Philadelphia detective Virgil, suspected of murder by racist local police chief Bill (Rod Steiger) – until he proves not only his own innocence but that of another man, and they join forces to track down the real killer.