Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are not currently available for sale, but sales will resume when we re-open and from that date online gift voucher sales will be possible as we move to using a new online Box Office system.

All issued and unused £5 and £10 card gift vouchers which were still valid on 17th March 2020 (that is they had an expiry date on or after 17th March last year) will have their validity period extended to 31st March 2022 when we re-open so please hold on to these vouchers.

Vouchers can be exchanged for advance tickets in the cinema foyer at the counter but only during a screening (that is once the doors period is over, the queues at the counter are gone, and a film is in progress).

You will need to do this in advance of the screening you wish to attend as for now, for safety reasons, there will be no ‘doors period’ box office facility.