Gift Vouchers

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we will be moving all ticket sales online and only selling tickets for screenings in advance, to ensure we are able to physically distance customer groups within the cinema.

As our paper Gift Vouchers were created for exchange at our physical Box Office counter (to be used like cash) which we will not have once we re-open, we are, for now, suspending the sale of Gift Vouchers, as they cannot be used by the customer with our online ticket sales agent.

All gift vouchers which were still valid on 17th March 2020 will have their validity period extended. If you have a Gift Voucher for the cinema which was still valid after 17th March 2020, please email us once we have re-opened to find out the new expiry date of your voucher – we’re adding the number of days of our closure / number of days your voucher had left before expiry if shorter on to the expiry dates of all unredeemed and unexpired vouchers.

We can still accept Gift Vouchers in return for film bookings, but since all bookings are now via a ticket agent online, you will need to email for us to book your cinema tickets for you ‘in-house’, email the tickets to you, and for us cancel spent Gift Vouchers internally. Please include a daytime contact phone number in your email and allow a couple of days for a response.