Audio Description & Soft Subtitles

For the hearing impaired we have headsets that offer audio amplification. In addition, subtitled screenings for the hearing impaired are shown at a frequency of at least one screening per week. The genre of film and the screening time and day of the week when films are screened with subtitles are rotated to try to be as inclusive as possible. Descriptive subtitling is used where available; captions for speech is used where descriptive subtitling is not available. Please refer to the list below for upcomgin subtitled screenings. These screenings are also shown with ‘S/T’ after the film’s certificate in the programme and ‘S/T’ after the screening time on the film’s webpage.

For the visually impaired, we offer audio description via a headset, on selected films. Please refer to the list of audio descrived films below. Ask at the Box Office as you buy your ticket to borrow a headset. Audio Described film titles are also shown with ‘A/D’ after the film’s certificate in the programme (which can be downloaded from the website homepage).

For more information on Audio and Soft Subtitled screenings in the local area please visit Accessible Screenings

For more information on the other ways we endeavour to be as accessible as possible please visit our Access page.

The following upcoming screenings are subtitled:

The following upcoming screenings have audio description: